ShortMiner Script by ScriptNet Solutions

ShortMiner Script by ScriptNet Solutions

Monetize your traffic!

Your own URL Shortener with non intrusive Monero mining script!

Optional XMR Mining available:  CoinHive and CoinImp option.

I will create for you a branding URL Shortener with premium features, stats, Administrator back-end and API. A modern and easy way of passive income!

Fully automated url Shortener with not-intrusive redirect; no more fancy landing pages, popups, aggressive ADS or boring cowntdown. Instead, just a not intrusive toolbar.
The toolbar allow you to gain Hashes from your Visitors.

Your URL shortener creates exponentially over time new links; means that depending on its use, the number of clicks and therefore the hashes produced will increase.

The system, via API, can be used for share to your Socials, unlimited short Urls that allow you to gain Hashes; it is compatible with share platforms.

Available Premium version with paying Users!

Why Monero?
XMR is very simple to obtain, through browsers and current quotations, it has become a profitable system of passive income

Here the real time exchange:

Start to gain revenues in autopilot!

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